Announcing Britevue — An Incentive-Based Online Review Platform

Today we are formally launching Britevue, our online review platform that is built to properly align incentives in the online review space. Today there exists virtually no good incentive to leave reviews for the businesses that we patronize. Negative online reviews are largely driven by vengeance, and positive online reviews are largely driven by altruism and a desire to go the extra mile for a business owner. In today’s world reviews are king — businesses with a positive ranking on online review platforms have a level of marketing that can’t be bought through any marketing agency. As a result, there exists many problems in the review space today — fake reviews, third party companies monetizing reviewers hard work, and reviewers getting largely no monetary benefit for taking time out of their day to write honest reviews.

Britevue, formerly known as True Reviews, is solving all of these problems. Today with the launch of we are targeting online reviewers with a better platform than traditional sites. Britevue has been rebuilt from the ground up using the Metanet protocol and in partnership with HandCash.

On Britevue, reviewers own their intellectual property. We want you to spend as much time as possible to give an honest and in depth review of businesses you patronize, but time is money! Every interaction with your reviews on Britevue earns you money, and power users have the option of putting their content behind paywalls. Travel influencers and the like now have a way of generating revenue streams from their content in an easily searchable fashion.

Browse for local businesses to patronize, and like and share locations

Britevue looks and feels like a traditional review site, but the technology underneath is cutting-edge. By utilizing blockchain technology and fast and frictionless digital cash Britevue allows for micropayments to be sent and received by users.

Users earn money for interactions with their reviews, and power users can choose to lock their reviews behind paywalls as well

Sign up on Britevue today, and once you link your Handcash wallet to your account you can fill out a quick survey about your hometown and earn some money to get started! We are flipping the traditional structure upside down — Britevue is paying you for your data.

If you are a business owner that wants to pilot our business portal, please reach out to us at to be one of the first to utilize our business dashboard.

Contact us at for any questions or ideas about Britevue. This is just our first necessary step in utilizing the BitcoinSV blockchain to change the online review world.




Building the future of online reviews powered by blockchain technology at

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Murray Distributed Technologies

Murray Distributed Technologies

Building the future of online reviews powered by blockchain technology at

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