Masking and the Use of XOR for Encryption and Decryption

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Key Derivation Schemes

While Bitcoin has standardized key derivation around the BIP32 standard, there are many downsides to the approach. A future article will talk about these downsides, but the important thing to note is that BIP32 is not the only way to have hierarchically derived keys . There are new key derivation schemes that are being created for BSV, and one such scheme involves utilizing a hash chain and XOR. Note in this example that this scheme is not being used necessarily for coin storage, but instead used for decryption of messages. However, it points to a wide variety of possibilities in defining new key derivation schemes.

import (
func DeriveNKeysFromMaster(n int, masterSecretKey *bec.PrivateKey) ([]*bec.PrivateKey) {
matrix := make([]*bec.PrivateKey, n)
secretKey := masterSecretKey
for i := 0; i < n; i++ {
secretKey, _ := DeriveNextKey(masterSecretKey, secretKey)
matrix = append(matrix, secretKey)
return matrix
func DeriveNextKey(masterKey, secretKey *bec.PrivateKey) (*bec.PrivateKey) {
curve := bec.S256()
secretKeyBytes := secretKey.Serialise()
masterKeyBytes := masterKey.Serialise()
secretHash := crypto.Sha256(secretKeyBytes)
newKeyBytes := make([]byte, len(masterKeyBytes))
for i := range secretKeyBytes {
newKeyBytes[i] = masterKeyBytes[i] ^ secretHash[i]
key, _ := bec.PrivKeyFromBytes(curve, newKeyBytes)
return key



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